Welcome to our happy state

"Welcome to our happy state" was the greeting we received when I moved to Florida 30 years ago.  My love of the beach lead me to design swimwear, as a hobby for my own use.  Later I decided to get my degree in fashion design and develop my line of swimwear.  
My suits are continually in a state of evolution.  I'm always working with real bodies and developing the fit to make everybody look their best.  My other business, Sew What, does fine tailoring with separate studios for men and women.  Our objective is the fit.  I have mounds of patterns stemming from a single source of inspiration.  

My swimwear is uploaded and available to buy within hours of development.  There are usually only small quantities of special fabrics.  I'm a fan of Instagram so I try to get them uploaded on both sites close together.  @Gett_Wett