Pocket Swim Short Navy Acid Green Classic

Pocket Swim Short Navy Acid Green Classic



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    I was inspired to design this swimsuit from walking shorts I had as a young man that I loved. It features scoop pockets with a contrasting trim which coordinates with the drawstring. The back has a yoke. The Designer’s Preference is that the suit be fully lined. Lining gives it body, protects the suit and extends the life of the suit.
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    Seems like pretty good quality, excited to wear it

    Oh my goodness!!!! So sexy!!!! Get these men out of their baggy, boxy, knee-length trunks, and into these sultry shorts!!! The fabric feels amazing, the fit accentuates his booty (my fave part!!) And still leaves enough to the imagination to be able to wear around the family. 😉 Thank you for an excellent product, with a great shipping time. Husband also appreciates that the leg openings are snug so he doesn't risk a wardrobe malfunction.