We were asked to donate swimwear this year for Julian's Fountain of Youth, a non-profit organization, that "creates opportunities for our LGBT Youth to partake in activates that include experiential learning and life-enrichment strategies at no cost to them or their families. This collection of initiatives will result in the production of future community leaders and the overall betterment of our LGBT youth both locally and nationally. "  (quote from website)

One of their fundraisers is the Marlin Beach Tea Dance 2.0 - an amazing event and such a great time.  The go-go dancers from Johnsons on Wilton Drive were modeling the swimwear that would be auctioned.  

Special Thanks to Tad Donovan for the photography.  

Saddle Pocket Short in Sapphire and Acid Green

Saddle short (close) and Pocket Short (distant)

Pocket Short in Hibiscus Print (close) and Key Pocket Short (distance)

Pocket Short in Hibiscus Print

Posing with our favorite Johnson dancer